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Combo Class (ages 3-5)

**Dancers will only attend class once each week

Monday        1:30-2:30 tap, ballet and gymnastics

Tuesday       6:00-7:00 tap, ballet and gymnastics

Wednesday  5:30-6:30 tap, ballet and gymnastics FULL

Thursday      5:00-6:00 tap, ballet and gymnastics FULL

Friday           5:30-6:30 tap, ballet and gymnastics FULL

Advanced Combo Class  (ages 5-7) 

**Dancers will only attend class once each week

Wednesday  6:30-7:30 tap, ballet and jazz ALMOST FULL

Thursday     6:00-7:00 tap, ballet and jazz - FULL

                     7:00-7:30  gymnastics- ALMOST FULL

Ages 7-9

Thursday   6:00-6:30 tap

                   6:30-7:00 lyrical ALMOST FULL

                   7:00-7:30 jazz FULL

                   7:30-8:00 gymnastics



Ages 9 and up

Tuesday       7:00-7:30 jazz

                     7:30-8:00 lyrical

                     8:00-8:30 tap

Wednesday  7:30-8:00 jazz

                      8:00-8:30 lyrical

Technique classes 

**These classes are designed for our competitive dancers, but they are open to all DRS dancers! Please contact the studio to determine your dancer's technique class level(s).

Tap Technique 1   Saturday  10:30-11:00

Tap Technique 2   Saturday  1:00-1:30 

Tap Technique 3   Saturday  1:00-1:30 ALMOST FULL


Jazz/Lyrical Level 1   Tuesday      6:00-7:00

                                     Wednesday 5:30-6:30 ALMOST FULL

                                      Saturday  11:00-12:00 

Jazz/Lyrical Level 2    Wednesday 6:30-7:30                                                                Saturday 11:00-12:00

Jazz/Lyrical Level 3    Wednesday 7:30-8:30

                                       Saturday   12:00-1:00 FULL

Jazz/Lyrical Level 4     Sunday 1:00-2:00



Ballet & Pointe classes 

**Instructor approval required to enroll in Pointe classes. 

Ballet    Saturday    1:30-2:00

Pointe   Saturday    2:00-2:30  (see below)

When will my dancer be ready to start Pointe?

        The decision to start pointe work should be made only by a knowledgeable ballet instructor. Many factors are considered when determining if a dancer to ready to begin training in pointe, such as age, bone structure, previous injuries, technical abilities, etc. Children grow and develop at different rates, so it is common for some dancers to have to 'wait' before getting approved for their pointe shoes. Although waiting for pointe shoes can be disappointing, just remember that our instructors want to make sure that our dancers are training safely!


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