Our home (24 S Grener Ave, Columbus OH) is a custom-designed space including two dance rooms, a lobby/waiting room, and the "dancer's den".

Room One: The "Blue Room" is our larger dance room. It has floor-to-ceiling mirrors, marley flooring, and a viewing window for parents to observe class.

Room Two: The "White Room" is our slightly-smaller dance room. It has floor-to-ceiling mirrors, marley flooring, and a viewing window for parents to observe class. 


"Dancer's Den": This room is used by our dancers to store their belongings and spend time between classes. Our hand-me-down and lost-and-found bins are also located in this room.


Lobby Area: Our spacious lobby area features CCTV monitors that allow family members to observe our classes. The front desk is also located in the lobby.

Dance Rhythms Studio Inc. EST. 1992

24 S Grener Ave Columbus OH 43228

dancerhythms.org | Tel 614 851 3945

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