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Payment Policy

All fees need to be paid in full every month, from September to June. Payments are due on the first dance class of each new month or by the 8th of every month.  If payment is not paid in full by the 8th, a late fee of $15.00 will be added to that month’s payment.

Registration Fee:

A $20 registration payment is charged (per household) when registering for classes each season.

Family Discount

10% off tuition for children in the same household that are enrolled in classes. (This does not include private lessons.)

Competition Fees: 

  • A $15.00 monthly payment is required for all dancers who are on a competition team. This fee includes a 60-minute technique class that meets once a week.

  • All Competition Team members will pay a $100 deposit that will be used towards later competition expenses (such as competition entry fees). 

    Preschool Combo    ages 3-5                 $65.00 (per month)
    Advanced Combo ages 5-7                    $65.00 (per month)
    Advanced Combo w/ Tumbling    $75.00 (per month)

"Step-Up" Classes & other 30 minute classes :
1-    class per week                    $55.00 per month
2-    classes per week                $65.00 per month
3-    classes per week                $75.00 per month
4-    classes per week                $85.00 per month
5-    classes per week                $95.00 per month
6-    classes per week                $105.00 per month
additional classes are $10 each per month

Private lessons:
Solo  half hour lesson                       $100.00 per month
Duet/Trio   half hour lesson            $65.00* per month
*per student


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