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Studio Rules

 DRS aims to maintain a professional setting for students to learn, grow, and explore dance! The DRS staff welcomes you to join us in creating the best dance education for your child!

Enrollment Policies

We aim to provide the most qualified instructors and a reasonable student-instructor ratio. Our class sizes are limited to ensure that all dancers receive the best training possible. Children will learn more and progress more quickly when they attend their dance classes each week.

When you enroll your dancer at DRS, you agree with us that space has been reserved for your child in that specific class. Because of this, make-up classes are typically not permitted due to absences. We feel this policy is important for the consistency of our program and the benefit of your child. We do not grant financial credit for absences.


  • Tuition payments are due at the first dance class each month. There will be a $15.00 late fee if we do not receive your tuition payment by the 8th day of each month.

  • There is an annual registration fee of $20.00 per family per year. This fee is payable when you first register into the program. This fee is non-refundable.

  • For families with more than one dancer, we offer a 10% tuition discount. This applies to immediate family members only. This discount does not apply to private lessons (solos, duets, and trios).

Recital Policies & Fees
All students will participate in our end-of-year recital. Dancers are expected to purchase a costume for each routine they are in. Each costume costs approximately $60 - $75. We do keep cost-factor in mind when choosing costumes. All costume payments will be due in the winter (exact dates will be announced each season). It is at the teacher's discretion to choose music, costumes, shoes, hair, makeup, and choreography for recital. The purchase of tickets to recital will be required by family members and other viewing guests for entry. Tickets typically run $15 each.

Unattended Children
Unattended siblings, family members friends, etc. are NOT permitted at the studio. We ask that dancers are not dropped off early or picked up late without permission from their teacher. Our facility is not designed to watch children that are not actively participating in a dance class. We do not want to risk any injury to a child as a result of no supervision.


Class Policies

  • DRS will offer a scheduled visitor’s time for all parents, grandparents, friends, etc. to observe the class. All other times, parents are asked to wait in the lobby for the duration of the class. Each of our dance rooms have a viewing window connected to the lobby, and a CCTV camera that shows class on our lobby TVs.

  • Only paying students are allowed in classrooms during class time. Siblings/friends are not allowed to play in unoccupied classrooms.

  • Students are expected to dress appropriately in form-fitting dance attire and come prepared with all dance items. We do not have specific class uniforms.  Hair should be pulled back out of the dancer’s face. Do not wear necklaces, bracelets or dangly earrings.  Absolutely no street shoes on the dance floors.

  • Personal technology, including cell phones, are not permitted in the studio rooms (unless requested by an instructor for educational purposes).

  • Food and drinks, including water, are to be kept in the waiting area. Gum is not allowed during class for safety reasons.

  • Dancers and their families are expected to demonstrate respect towards DRS staff and other families in and out of the studio.  This includes social media, personal belongings, and communication.

  • Please arrive on time for classes or call the studio when your dancer will not be attending class. Dancers should arrive a few minutes early to get their shoes on, use the restroom, and prepare for class.

  • Keep noise level and distractions at a minimum during classes.

  • Clean up after you and your family before you leave the studio.

  • Waiting room furniture must remain in its original place.

  • If you have any questions or concerns, please discuss them with the instructor and/or studio owner at a time that does not interfere with classes.


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