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Competition TEAM




All dancers interested in joining one of our competition teams MUST attend our annual competition team placement workshop. Everyone who attends this workshop WILL be placed on one of our competition teams. This workshop will take place in mid-august at the studio. If you are unable to attend, but still want to be placed on a team, contact Miss Natalie before the placement workshop. Dancers and their parents will be given company contracts outlining our DRS company rules and expectations.

     At the placement workshop, dancers will be taught short pieces of choreography and showcase their technical abilities through technique exercises. Dancers should wear tight-fitting athletic apparel (fitted t-shirts or tank tops, spandex shorts, leggings, sports bras, leotards, etc.) 


2019-20 Company Meeting & Placement Workshop: AUGUST 11TH 2018 1:00 - 3:00 PM


All Rules and Expectations are outlined in our Competition Team Contract

Mandatory Components:
  • Class Requirements:  Team members will be required to take one technique class in addition to their regular classes and ballet/lyrical no matter their years of experience. Team members will also need to wear appropriate form-fitting dance attire (no baggy pants or shirts) and dance shoes, as well as have their hair pulled back out of their face to all classes. No jewelry should be worn to class (stud earrings are okay).


  • Fees:  All fees (including tuition, costumes, competition entry fees, and media fees) must be paid by the due date in full in order for a dancer to compete with his/her team. A $100 competition deposit per dancer will be due in October. This deposit will be applied to fees you owe for the first competition.  The deposit will be used to secure our spots at competitions.


  • Attendance Policy:  Team members will be expected to maintain good attendance in all of their classes.  Proper attendance is an essential component of the dancer’s education and progress.  A dancer who misses technique, class, extra practice and/or rehearsal will hold back the progress of the entire team.  All dancers are allowed 3 absences in technique and 6 absences in regular classes for the entire dance season. The dancer and a parent will be required to sign the attendance log each time the dancer is absent. Although dancers are allowed these absences, we encourage perfect attendance.  Dancers should only be absent if it is absolutely necessary. Attendance will be monitored closely in all classes by each teacher. If a dancer has missed too many classes, the family will be contacted by the studio director to discuss a consequence and resolution to this problem.


  • Summer dance is mandatory for all competition team members.  Dancers are required to attend at least two summer workshops in each of the styles they plan to compete. Practices for nationals do not fulfill this requirement. Attendance will be monitored closely in all classes by the DRS staff.

  • Level placement, music selection, choreography, costuming, props and spacing of all routines are at the choreographer/teacher's discretion and are not up for discussion.  These decisions are made from many years of teaching experience. All staff members are passionate about our competition program. We take pride in every student and every dance routine.  All decisions are made in the best interests of the dancers.

  • All duet, trio, and group costumes need to be purchased through the studio. Soloists have the option to purchase their costume through the studio and/or make their own.

  • Our competition calendar listing specific dates and locations will be distributed by October of each dance season.  All dates and locations are subject to change annually and are at the discretion of the studio director.

  • The competition team will compete in approximately 3-5 regional competitions per year. We will travel to a national competition on an every other year basis (years ending in an odd number) in late June or July. Attendance at nationals is not mandatory but will require at least 4 team members from the team to attend.  Attendance at all summer rehearsals is mandatory for all dancers participating in nationals.

  • All competition schedules are set by the competition itself; not our studio. Any requests to alter specific days and times of performances cannot be accommodated and will not be accepted.

  • Parents are not allowed to contact the offices of competitions.  This is prohibited by the competitions. All questions/concerns are to be addressed through the studio.

  • Private lessons (Solos, Duets, and Trios): Only one routine per half hour private session. Additional half-hour private sessions are required for additional routines. Any private lesson routine that competes at any competition will not participate in recital unless additional acts are required to fill in recital shows for costume change purposes.  Criteria for picking extra recital routines will be determined each year based on competition results.

  • The competition team warm-up jacket and/or studio apparel are highly encouraged for all team members and audience members. Competition dancers are expected to wear DRS spirit wear or royal blue at all competitions, especially during the award ceremonies.  

  • All competition team members and their families will comply with the positive behaviors, attitudes, and sportsmanship referred to in the studio rules

  • All competition team members and parents must sign a copy of our competition team contract.  The point of the contract is to make sure the competition members and families are aware of the commitment and expense of being a team member and accept this privilege and responsibility.  The focus of our team is good sportsmanship, team unity, and the opportunity to learn and grow. If you have any questions or concerns, please see your teacher and/or studio director.

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